Online gaming regulation in South Africa

Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to understand the best way for a government to protect its population is to regulate and license popular pastimes…

For me, I question the intelligence of some of these so called qualified heads of government departments, simply looking back at the years of prohibition in the 1920’s in the US should really point out that making something popular illegal does not stop the public part taking, it just drives the supplier underground and makes the product, in this case alcohol more expensive. More importantly it gives unscrupulous characters opportunity to take advantage.

Another more recent example can be found in Uruguay. Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalese the growing, selling and consuming of marijuana. Licensed pharmacies will sell 1 gram for less than $1 with each consumer allowed to purchase up to 40 grams per month, smoking cannabis is permitted in the same areas where tobacco is smoked. Consumers driving under the influence of cannabis will be treated the same as drivers driving under the influence of alcohol.

Here’s some facts:

4.3% of the population of South Africa smoke cannabis. 13.7% of the population of the US smoke cannabis, 14.6% of Italians smoke cannabis and 12.6% of Canadians smoke cannabis, the list goes on…

What are the benefits?

Firstly legal cannabis sales mean less risk to users since state run outlets such as pharmacies licensed to sell the stuff can place proper controls on its growth and distribution. The unscrupulous characters found on some street corners selling uncontrolled substances can’t compete with the state owned pharmacies are now out of a job.

Back to online gaming in South Africa, according to a study made in 2006 the most popular form of placing a wager was the national lottery with 86.9% of the population taking part. 27.7% of South Africans like to play slot machines and 22.7% purchase scratch cards. Only 5.5% of South Africans characterised themselves as never gambling…

The UK is where we should be looking to follow, their government recognized that gambling online is a hugely popular pastime and one which based on its popularity needs typical controls such as government backing for responsible online casinos who look after their members. Currently we have thirty or forty South African online casinos to choose from. Some are better than the others, checks should always be carried out by new players before making that leap of faith- the first deposit.

Australian Online Blackjack 101

Blackjack is a hugely popular game across Australia. It’s one of those games that appeals to everyone not matter on your skill level. Let’s face it, how many times have we pulled a deck of cards out at home and had a game of pontoon otherwise known as 21?

It’s one of those games that everyone’s knows the basics of, which is why you’ll always find at least two of three blackjack tables in every casino across Australia. Australian online casinos have between six of seven different blackjack game variations available to its members. The different types of blackjack games have developed over the years to give each blackjack player more opportunities to bet, one of the biggest differences is the number of decks used. The shoe in regular online blackjack contains between one and eight decks of cards. Obviously the more decks used, the more the game swings in the houses favour.

Number of Decks House Advantage

Single Deck 0.17%

Double Deck 0.46%

Four Decks 0.60%

Six Decks 0.64%

Eight Decks 0.65%

As long as we all remember that playing online blackjack is for entertainment and to only wager affordable amounts per season then the game remains fun. There are no get rich quick schemes in online blackjack even though there are strategies which can decrease the house edge to the players favour, generally it’s much better to spread your bets as much as possible rather than gambling your whole bankroll over a few hands. Experienced Australian online blackjack players don’t really take notice of any one particular hand in blackjack, they play the shoe and play the odds. Remembering which cards have been dealt vs which cards are left in the shoe can place you in at an advantage.

Online Blackjack Etiquette

Australian online casinos offer multiplayer and live dealer blackjack tables amongst other blackjack games. Multiplayer and live dealer blackjack offer a live chat function which allows the player to communicate with other online blackjack players as well as the live dealer. It’s important to remember that other players have joined the table to have some fun and wager. Everyone is playing against the house (dealer) and remembering that the chat function is for polite conversation rather than being abusive to a fellow online casino member is important. As well as understanding abusive chat to a live dealer will simply get your account at the online casino suspended and possibly permanently locked.

If you want to play blackjack online, check out this Australian online blackjack review website –

A Key to Intelligent Gambling: Psychology?

The most fruitful research any gambler can carry out in an effort to become a better player in his chosen discipline and to gain an advantage is in the sphere of psychology.

Think about it for a second, it is a known fact that if a reasonably large group of people were asked to choose a number at random between one and ten, then seven would more than likely be chosen more often than any other number. When people are asked to choose between heads and tails in the flip of a coin, more people choose heads than tails. Check out a roulette table sometime. More people back red at roulette than black. And even at craps, more people back the dice to pass than to lose, despite the house edge being slightly larger for a pass bettor. When picking draws on a football pool, most people start at the top, and never reach the bottom of the list.

Can these facts be of help to the gambler? How can the study of human behaviors somehow increase the likelihood of a win? Clearly if someone betting on the football pool, picks his draws from the bottom of the list he will expect a better return on his investment when successful than if his selections had been nearer the top. When betting on a horse race, a gambler who backs a horse ridden by an unknown apprentice jockey might get better odds relative to its actual chance than if he’d backed the mount of the public’s “favorite” jockey.

In 1948 the Epsom Derby was won by a horse called “My Love”. Legend has it that that horse allegedly carried the money of half the female population of England, for the simple reason that they liked its name. Did it thereby start at false odds? Possibly, but would a horse called “Toothache”, “Grey Rat”, “Cheating Husband”, “Sexy Siren” or “Housefly” have gained the same sympathy for its moniker or for those same reasons start at a price longer than its ability merits?

It is the opinion of many, many experts in psychology and gambling that this seems a more profitable field for study than the effort to beat a house edge, or a bookmaker’s percentage, by juggling numbers… doesn’t it?

A Few Words about Keno

Keno, this game, not unlike German lotto, is very popular in the casinos of Las Vegas. Electronic boards in various parts of the casino list the numbers from one to eighty. Twenty winning numbers are selected in the manner described for bingo, and the winning numbers are lit on the boards.

Gamblers can select any quantity of numbers from one to fifteen to appear as winning numbers. They indicate their choice by crossing out their selections on standard keno tickets. Tickets are presented at the keno counter, with the total stakes, where a keno writer makes two copies by punching out the

numbers on an ‘inside’ ticket. The keno writer gives one copy to the gambler, and keeps the other together with the gambler’s original ticket.

Tickets are marked with the number of the appropriate keno game. Games take place every few minutes. Keno runners carrying blank tickets and crayons enable gamblers not in the keno lounge to bet by taking tickets and stakes to the counter, and later delivering any winnings. There will be a minimum stake on a keno bet, usually 50 cents to a dollar, and all stakes must be in multiples of it, although lower stakes might be accepted on way-tickets.

The ticket of a gambler who bets one number only to be in the winning 20 is known as a 1-spot ticket, and other tickets are known as 4-spot, 8-spot etc. The signs for dollars and cents are never used. When the total stakes on a ticket exceed $1, the cents are written over a line, thus 1 20 indicates stakes of one dollar 20 cents. Where three or more numbers are selected, consolation prizes are paid. On a 4-spot ticket, a prize will be won if two, three, or four winning numbers are selected. A 10-spot ticket, the most popular, will win when five or more numbers selected are winners.